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Our Value, Your Benefit


We create vehicles that really feel good.

Vehicle interiors are also particularly sensuous, having a special effect on our powers of perception. Remember what it feels like to get into a brand-new car? The atmosphere inside is apparent from the moment the door is opened, so it is unsurprising that our unique perception of the design, materials and surfaces inside a vehicle is a major factor in a potential purchase decision. With top-quality, harmoniously designed interiors that feel good we create the key purchasing incentive.

We have an in-depth understanding of what lies below the surface.

Our technological expertise in materials and surface development, 3D simulations that replicate interior components as realistically as possible, and our precise knowledge of optimum component geometries have made Benecke-Kaliko a highly desirable partner in the automotive industry.

We shape ideas to speak the language of our customers.

Innovative power is the foundation of our development expertise. We seek out trends, develop ideas, and work with our customers to create tailored solutions that speak their language – worldwide.

Designed Green: We think ahead for the good of people, the environment and the climate.

Our commitment to people, the environment and the climate has a name: “Designed Green”. This means: We set essential standards in sustainability. From products, development and production to transport and logistics, we take our ecological and business responsibilities seriously.

We foster progress for greater added value.

As a leading innovator, we possess a wealth of process knowledge that gives our customers the edge along the value chain. With our wide-ranging expertise we are ready to take on the global challenges of automobile trends.

We work from a broad base for new markets and initiatives.

We use our global development expertise and worldwide market presence to serve the individual needs of our customers with local designs and short transport routes. This local expertise as well as our uniform material and process standards ensure every one of our customers receives products, engineering and services of consistent quality regardless of where in the world they are.