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Yorn® Light

Yorn Light

Yorn® Light Weight-reduced foam laminate. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective.


Products Benecke-Kaliko AG

Product Benefits

  • Lightweight decorative material
  • Weight advantages of up to 50% compared to standard decorative materials
  • 46% better CO2-balance (GWP100)* compared to standard PVC foils
  • Soft touch
  • Available with bi-tone colour in one sheet
  • Wide range of colours and design grain patterns
  • Flexibility due to broad processing window

Yorn® Light

Construction Foam Laminate
Thickness 2.0 mm – 3.5 mm
Application Instrument Panel, Door Panel, Console, Head Rest, Seat Back, Rear Tray, Pillar
Backing Polyolefin Foam
Processing Method Vacuum Forming, Press Moulding, Low Pressure Moulding