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The high-quality surface as a true alternative to real leather. NobelisTM offers exclusive appearance, ultra-luxurious feel, very low emissions, high abrasion and temperature resistance.


Products Benecke-Kaliko AG

Product Benefits Compared to Real Leather

  • Exclusive appearance and ultra-luxury haptics
  • Superior emissions performance and environmental friendliness
  • Complete material construction derived from water-based system
  • Free of NEP, plasticizers, and halogens
  • No environment available for high abrasion resistance seating surfaces
    (Nobelis Protect)
  • Tailorable with F.O.C.U.S.* portfolio of options


Construction Surface Material
Thickness 0,9 mm - 4,3 mm
Application Seat, Insert, Console, Instrument Panel
Backing Textile, Polyurethane Foam, Sandwich Foam, Spacer Textile
Processing Method Cut & Sew