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Green Story

Environmental protection starts in the factory

At Benecke-Kaliko sustainability begins in the manufacturing process. It is here that Benecke-Kaliko plays a pioneering role: With special ventilation systems and bio-beds, the company has been able to reduce carbon emissions by 94.5 percent since 1988. Water and energy consumption has sunk steadily and closed material loops ensure that production scrap as well as varnish and paint residue are rechanneled into the production cycle.

Thanks to on-site production in the most important economic regions, Benecke-Kaliko also saves on long transport routes. Whether in Europe, China or NAFTA, the same strict environmental and quality guidelines apply. At all locations, the employees follow the 10 rules for environmental protection and safety at work, that are on display at every plant. Regular training courses or behaviour-oriented audits are a part of raising awareness.

Benecke-Kaliko's strive from sustainability was already evident in 1996 with the environmental management system - successfully certified in accordance with the EU EMAS standard - that is continually maintained.