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Green Story

A higher quality of life in cars

The materials from Benecke-Kaliko in the environment of the car are particularly health-friendly. Developers at Continental have used new methods to create contact-allergen-free interior trim materials that are absolutely skin-friendly.

A particular benefit for people with allergies. Whether seat upholstery, steering wheel, side door trim or gear shift lever, Benecke-Kaliko products are free from toxic CMR substances or plasticizers. Today, they are instead made up to 20% out of renewable raw materials. This portion will soon amount to 50% in standard PVC materials.

The advantage: The materials are gentle to the skin and there are no allergic reactions to the typical fogging effects in a new car such as skin or eye irritation as well as sneezing. The quality of life for the vehicle occupants on long journeys has been sizeably improved, also when windows are closed. When it comes to the reduction of fuel consumption and pollutant emissions, Benecke-Kaliko also places particular emphasis on the development of light materials.