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Green Story

Climate protection already plays an important role for Benecke-Kaliko in the production. With special ventilation systems and bio-beds, the company has been able to reduce carbon emissions by 94.5 percent since 1988. Water and energy consumption has sunk steadily and closed material loops ensure that production scrap as well as varnish and paint residue are rechanneled into the production cycle.

Thanks to the on-site production in the most important economic regions, Benecke-Kaliko moreover saves on long transport routes. The light-weight construction is significant for climate protection. The exclusive interior design compact foils and foam laminates XpreshnTM and Xpreshn HDTM , are based on polyolefins that are 50 percent lighter than PVC materials owing to which their lower density.

Weight reductions can also be achieved in PVC foils by using the Yorn® Light PVC-PO-Laminat. Without compromising quality and feel to touch, up to 2 kg per vehicle can be saved while achieving a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.