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Benecke-Kaliko AG

  1. 1718

    Founding of the wax cloth factory outside the Stone Gate in Hanover, later J.H. Benecke AG

  2. 1886

    Establishment of "Netter & Eisig", later Göppinger Kaliko GmbH. Production of imitation leather and bookbinder's calico (book binding material).

  3. 1895

    Registration of the Acella® brand.

  4. 1901

    Production gets underway in Hannover-Vinnhorst.

  5. 1925

    Production of artificial leather stepped up. Burgeoning industry for handbags and fashion accessoiries.

  6. 60ies-90ies

    Rising demand for leatherette products and high quality automotive interior trim (here: Auto Union 1000 Sp Roadster)

  7. 1992

    TEPEO® is launched on the market.

  8. 1993

    Merger of J.H. Benecke and Göppinger Kaliko to form Benecke-Kaliko AG.

  9. 1999

    Market launching of Benova® for the automotive industry.

  10. 2003

    Market launching of TEPEO2®-Compact Foil.

  11. 2005

    Start-up of production in Zhangjiagang, China.

  12. 2008

    Market launching of TEPEO 2®-Laminates.

  13. 2009

    Start-up of production in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

  14. 2010

    Sustainability is a primary corporate objective. Benecke-Kaliko is committed to the Designed Green principle.

  15. 2011

    Eislingen plant celebrates its 125th anniversary.

  16. 2012

    Millions invested in Hanover: multi-coater manufactures test batches; flame-lamination plant increases vertical range of manufacture and security of supply for customers. Benecke-Changshun expands its laboratory in Zhangjiagang, China, thereby shortening response times during product development and guaranteeing uniform product quality. Start of construction for the TPO production line in Zhangjiagang.

  17. 2013

    Surfvis™ 3D from Benecke-Kaliko photo-realistically simulates the processing of surfaces on the computer. Benecke-Changshun Auto Trim commences TEPEO® production in Zhangjiagang, China.

  18. 2014

    The Alfa Mito instrument panel sports the first series-produced gradient surface technology. Benecke-Kaliko began building a second Chinese plant in Changzhou. The company acquires two locations from the Belgian Mecaseat Group in Pamplona (Spain) and Wągrowiec (Poland) with a total of 150 employees. With the new "Truck & Bus" sales team, Benecke-Kaliko made it its mission to meet all the requirements of the bus and commercial vehicle industry.

  19. 2015

    Benecke-Kaliko expands into new business areas and extends its product portfolio. The company offers innovative surface materials for branches of industry outside the automotive sector, under the Dynactiv™ Surfaces brand name. Benecke-Kaliko expands TPO production in Mexico. Around 100 new jobs are created. The new surface material Xpreshn® offers virtually unlimited customization options. Xpreshn® and Xpreshn HD® (high definition) replace the surface solutions TEPEO® and TEPEO 2® by Benecke-Kaliko, and prove far superior to their predecessors.

  20. March 2016

    Opening of joint venture Benecke Changshun Auto Trim's new Benecke-Changshun China Business Center in Zhangjiagang. The Business Center manages the development of the two Chinese plants in Zhangjiagang and Changzhou.